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Vincent Falanga


A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Falanga is boardcertified in both
Dermatology and Internal Medicine, having undertaken his internship and residency
(Internal Medicine) at the University of Miami, and Dermatology training at the University
of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Falanga is an internationally recognized expert in Medical Dermatology, and has
made major contributions to the understanding of skin diseases, how they develop, and
how they can best be treated in a safe and effective manner. In March of 2024, at the
annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, he was honored with a
formal presidential citation for his important contributions to the field.

Dr. Falanga has held fulltime academic positions at the University of Pittsburgh, the
University of Miami, and Boston University. He has been an invited speaker at
numerous academic institutions, including Oxford University, the Karolinska Institute, the
University of Tokyo, the University of Chile, and the University of Milan. In 2017, he was
awarded with a special honorary membership to the French Society of Dermatology, the
oldest Dermatology Society in the world.

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