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Earlobe Repair

What to Know About Earlobe Repair

Excessive weight or trauma (especially when an ear is pierced in the wrong location) can overcome the strength of the earlobes, causing a tear in the tissue. This split may be unattractive and renders most jewelry unusable.

Most torn earlobes can be effectively repaired surgically. The procedure is performed with local anesthetic. The tear in the earlobe is excised and the earlobe is cosmetically repaired resulting in a straight line of sutures on the front and the back of the earlobe.

The ear can be repierced after the scar heals. Dr. Shvartzman will let you know when you can safely re-pierce your ears, and advise you on the correct location for re-piercing.

This procedure can be modified to correct large defects in the ear from gauges.

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